The timeless design is our passion. We create bags & accessories with minimal aesthetics to stand in time. What we love even more than that, is exploring our materials’ and designs’ limits. We are always searching for ways to spice things up & explore how our designs look like in different color hues or even textures.

Back in 2019, we introduced our very first 3D texture in a light yellow, bold purple & classic black color hues. The embossed texture on our EVA material created a new essence that looked and also felt differently. The surface of our designs was covered by interesting shapes & at the same time, we had a harder and a bit shiny outcome. We experimented in textures & colors for the first time and we loved it!

Now it’s time to introduce something new. Inspired by the mesmerizing colors of the sea, we are welcoming the Aqua Green hue to our color palette! The soft green color fits perfectly with our designs & our other materials we are working with. The Aqua Green color is available in both Basic Colors & 3D textures. What makes the difference this year, in the form of its 3D texture. This time we have a linear 3D texture and it’s really interesting how the parallel lines form unique shapes on the bags, as they come together.

The most obvious example is the EvaBucket 3D in Aqua Green. The way the material comes together to form its unique shape, the lines of the EVA make it even more noteworthy.

Explore the Aqua Green in Basics & 3D in our e-shop!



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