BID FOR BENAKI: Online Auction of Works of Art and Objects in support of the Benaki Museum

This year has proven to be one of the most difficult years of the last few decades. Museums are of course affected by the Covid-19 situation, by staying closed & not be able to make the right digital transformation on time in order to stay profitable. That’s why the Benaki Museum replaces this year’s Gala with an online auction of Works of Art & Objects. Read the announcement as seen at the Facebook post of the museum:

‼️Τhe Benaki Museum Fundraising & Development Department in collaboration with the Volunteer Committee for the Sustainability of the Museum organize a DIGITAL AUCTION OF WORKS OF ART & OBJECTS.
The digital auction will take place from MONDAY 30/11/2020 until MONDAY 07/12/2020, dates of the customary Benaki Annual Gala, that cannot take place this year.
All the works of the digital auction, have been donated by artists that have previously exhibited their work at the Museum or have collaborated with the Benaki Shop, as well as by friends and supporters of the Museum.

The Benaki Museum supported us since our very beginning as Lommer, so we are here to offer our support too, by offering to the online auction a collective piece of EvaOne, the design with which we introduced ourselves to the world as Lommer. You will find it among all the available works of art & objects.
We are here, we stay united!

Find the online auction, here.



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