EvaFamily is a collection of several bags made of a material, that Lommer’s team developed, which consists of E.V.A. foam and rubber.

E.V.A. is a lightweight, durable, recyclable, waterproof and soft polymer foam.

What defines this collection is that the bags are not produced by sewing the pieces together, but by assembling them with snap buttons. This way some extra features in our products are created and these result in some unique, unexpected forms.

EvaFamily’s products are divided into two categories based on the material’s composition. These two categories are the following:
The BASICS, which are the Grey, the Black and the Camel and
The FLAKES, whose surface consists of different materials. Cork Flakes has very small pieces of cork on its surface and Color Flakes, Bauhaus Flakes and Mili Flake’s surfaces are made of many pieces of different colors.

Every bag that belongs to EvaFamily can easily be cleaned with a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent do not hesitate to also use soap with water.
Every product has its packaging (paper packaging for EvaMini, EvaClutch Small and EvaClutch, and fabric packaging for EvaTwo, EvaOne, EvaOri and EvaPack) and is accompanied by a leaflet with all the essential information for you.



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