One of our main purposes as Lommer is to meet requirements. Until now, we have mostly focused on women, as we understand their needs the most. But we want to create more designs that meet even more of your requirements.

What did we do?

Having that exact thought in our minds, we minimized our EvaPack’s size, to meet the requirements of any kid! And we added something playful on it too.

EvaPack is our urban backpack, awarded an International Design Award (IDA). Its minimal design & the unexpected material, make it perfect for both men & women. Now, it’s perfect also for kids and that gave us the idea of photoshooting our EvaPack with a whole family! Meet EvaPack for Kids!

Theo Pantazis was there for us yet another time, to make it happen! We had the chance to take spontaneous pictures of the family playing around or having some very touching moments.

What makes EvaPack for Kids special?

It’s not just the minimization of the size. As we previously said, we added a playful feature, especially for kids. This feature is that there is a button on the front of the bag, where the kid may apply a small design part, with just a button. A star, a balloon, a heart, a bow tie… many for the kid to choose! The most interesting part is that it’s not going to be just one. Along with the EvaPack for Kids, you will receive three more of these designs. The kid may easily choose and apply what he loves the most every time.

Our EvaFamily for your family

With the variety of our accessories, wallets, tote bags, clutches & backpacks made of our EVA material, and with the design now covering the needs of everyone in a family, it’s like our EvaFamily can meet your family’s requirements.

Explore our EvaFamily collection of our e-shop & choose the design that you love most!



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