Where can I buy Lommer products?

  1. We have an e-shop where you can see all the available combinations of our bags and create your special one!
  2. Beyond that, you can find our bags in the cooperating shops. You can locate our bags in the shop which is nearest to you by using our Store Locator.
  3. Finally, if you would like to meet us in person, you may book an appointment and visit our place, where the magic happens. Contact us for more details.

Where are Lommer products produced? ↷

Each of the Lommer products is designed and produced in Greece by happy hands. We search globally for suppliers that meet our – and your – requirements in quality. We managed to develop a unique version of E.V.A. material and fully customized snap buttons, which are made by the manufacturing company YKK.

Are your products manufactured ethically? ↷

All our products are made carefully by happy hands in Greece.  We are proud to say that we do not compromise our commitment to nurturing long-term relationships with suppliers who treat their workers fairly, as we do. Safety & love for what we do, come first.

How can I guarantee that the product I purchased is authentic? ↷

If you choose to purchase a product through our store, our e-shop, or through another shop found in our Store Locator, you can be certain that you’ve got an authentic Lommer product. Besides that, there are many details about our products that you can check in order to be sure that your product is authentic. Packaging, leather or metallic tags, branded buttons, paper tags, etc.

  Lommer Packaging

I have a store and I want to collaborate with you. What could we do? ↷

We will be happy to discuss a new collaboration with you. You can send us an email at or call directly at (0030) 210 9512852. 


How do I check the status of my order? ↷

In case you are a registered customer and you want to check the status of your order you should go to the page “My Account” and press the button “Orders”. Moreover, in every step of your order’s preparation, you will receive an informational mail from us.

In case you completed your order without prior registration, you will receive all the necessary informational e-mails from us.

Can I change my order? ↷

In case you would like to modify or cancel the products ordered before you receive the shipping confirmation e-mail, contact us at After the shipping of your order, we are not able to make any changes.

Can I return my order? ↷

We handle returns on a case-by-case basis having your satisfaction as our ultimate objective.

If you would like to return your order please contact us at, within 14 days of the date you received it. In your mail please include important information such as the product name, date of order & order’s number.  The order must be returned in its original package and in perfect, unused condition.

Note #1: Please notice that returns are not refundable, but you can use the amount of the product’s price to buy something else from our e-shop.

Note #2: Depending on the options available in your country, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping any items. 

How can I use my coupon? ↷

You can use your coupon at the final stage of your order. When you view your cart to purchase your order, you will notice a specific space for this. By putting your coupon there and pressing the button “Apply coupon”  the prices will change accordingly and you will be able to fill out your purchase.

How can I get in touch with your customer care team? ↷

You can easily complete the form on our Contact Page, send us an email at or find us via phone at (0030) 210 9512852. Describe your need and our customer care team will do the best for you.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Currently, our e-shop supports the following payment methods:

• Credit & Debit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover, Diners & JCB)

• PayPal

• Klarna ( 3 interest-free payments)

Is paying with my card safe? ↷

Every transaction made through our e-shop is secured by the official Braintree software of PayPal. Thus your transaction gets completely safe and as we mentioned in our Privacy Policy sector, we do not store your personal data after the completion of your order.

How do I pay in 3 interest-free payments? ↷

​​If your order is eligible for ‘Pay in 3’, you can select the option in the checkout and split your purchase into three interest-free payments. They’ll be charged every 30 days beginning at the time your order is confirmed (usually the shipping date). You only need to add your bank mandate, credit or debit card info you’d like to use for the automatic payments. We’ll let you know when your payment is due – you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy your purchase. View product terms.

How can I shop with Klarna? ↷

We’ve partnered with Klarna to give you a better shopping experience.

When you choose Klarna at checkout, you’ll get the option to shop now and pay later for your purchase.

All you have to do is to follow the steps:

  1. Add item(s) to your cart and head to the checkout.
  2. Select Klarna at the checkout to pay as you like for your purchase.
  3. Manage your orders and payments in the Klarna app.

Then, you can see all of your purchases in one place, pay any open balances and much more in the Klarna app. You can also log into your Klarna account at

Is there a fee to use 3 interest-free payments? ↷

No charges and no fees, read more in product terms.

What forms of payment do you accept for international orders? ↷

Available payment methods for international orders are the Credit & Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover & Jcb), payment via PayPal and payment in 3 interest-free payments via Klarna.

Is it possible to refund my order? ↷

Unfortunately not. Even in cases that a product would be accepted as a faulty product, there is no refund. In this case, you can use the amount of the product’s price to buy any other product available in our e-shop.

Please note that in case of a returned product, it should be returned in its original package and in perfect, unused condition. Depending on the options available in your country, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping of any items.


Do you ship worldwide? What does it cost?

Yes, we do! The cost of any international shipping will be calculated based on the items you are purchasing, your chosen shipping method and your shipping destination. You will be able to see the shipping costs before you complete your order at our e-shop.

Where is my order shipped from? ↷

Our design studio and production are in Greece. So is our warehouse. Your order will be shipped from Athens-Greece to anywhere in the world.

How can I track my order? ↷

As soon as your order has been shipped from our warehouse you receive an update by email, confirming successful shipment and informing you about the tracking number and the link through which you can trace your package.

What is the estimated delivery time? ↷

Standard delivery
Our standard delivery service via post office is available for international orders.
Standard delivery orders should arrive in 6-15 business days from the time you receive the shipping confirmation email. You will see a shipping range specific to your destination in Checkout. Please note that the estimated shipping time cannot be guaranteed and this applies to delivery dates as well. Lommer shall not be held responsible for delays in shipments caused by weather conditions, international customs issues, or any other circumstances beyond our control.
If an order is placed over the weekend, the earliest it will be shipped is Monday.
We offer free shipping for all deliveries within Greece, free standard shipping (via FEdEx) in Europe for orders over 200€ and internationally for orders over 250€ (via Post Office).

Express delivery
Free express delivery service is standard for all orders in Greece. Express orders placed by 10 am (GTM+3), should arrive in 1-3 business days unless additional validation is required. Express orders placed on weekends or on Greek major public holidays will be processed the following business day.

There is also an available express delivery service for international clients. Shipping is made via FedEx. During the ordering process, when you fill your cart, you will be asked to enter the country and the postal code in which you want your order to be delivered. Then press “Update Totals” and the costs for international standard and express delivery will be shown.  

Can I receive my order on the same day? ↷

That’s unlikely to happen. Our products are made one piece at a time and based on the order you’ve made. The soonest you can receive your order is in 1-3 business days by choosing express delivery. For more details please check the delivery terms above.

Exception: If a product is available and it’s easy for you to receive your order through our studio in Kallithea – Athens, there is a chance for you to have your order on the same day! In this case, you need to contact us first to book an appointment.

Do I have to pay customs or import charges for my order? ↷

For customers outside the EU, local charges (customs duty, sales taxes, handling fees) may be added to your order, depending on the region, and local custom duties. These charges are at the customer’s expense. You can calculate the expenses at Simply Duty.


What is the material of my bag?

EvaFamily is a collection of bags and accessories made of E.V.A foam and rubber, material that is exclusively produced fulfilling Lommer’s requirements. E.V.A. is a lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable, vegan & non-toxic soft polymer.

SitaFamily is a collection of bags made of a coated PVC mesh that has special resistance to outdoor applications (UV, humidity, temperatures, mold).

All of our products get complete with snap buttons, grommets, sailing ropes, and seatbelts in different colors and shapes.

Learn more about this subject on our Materials & Production dedicated page.

Will my bag be packaged? ↷

Of course, it will be!

Every product has its packaging (paper packaging for EvaMini, EvaClutch Small, and EvaClutch OnChain, and fabric packaging for EvaTwo, EvaOne, EvaOri, EvaOri Large, EvaBucket, and EvaPack) and is accompanied by a leaflet with all the essential information for you.

The products of the SitaFamily have a paper case.

Note: If you select to send a product to someone you love & note it at your order with the “Make it a Gift” checkbox, we will add a special wrap paper or a gift accessory to the packaging of the product. For more gift choices, check our dedicated page here.

Can I change the rope of my EvaPack? ↷

Unfortunately, not. The rope needs special treatment in order to exploit all its advantages for the use of EvaPack.

In case you wish to change your rope, you can contact us in order to send us your EvaPack and we will change it for you. The cost of the service is 20€ and the shipping costs are not covered by us.

Some combinations are not available. Why? ↷

It’s all about aesthetics. We use so many materials that the choices are countless. At the same time, as designers, we think that some of the combinations would not suit your style as much as others would.


How can I clean my bag?

Every bag that belongs to EvaFamily or SitaFamily can easily be cleaned with a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent do not hesitate to also use soap and water. Learn more about this subject on our Product Care page.

Is my bag waterproof? ↷

Let’s make things clear. Your bag is not waterproof. The E.V.A. material used for the EvaFamily collection though is waterproof. That means that if any liquid gets on the bag by accident, without going inside the bag, it would be easily removed with a wet microfiber cloth. If you sink your bag into a liquid, the items inside will not be protected.

Learn more about our waterproof material on our dedicated blog post.

Can I iron my bag? ↷

Please don’t. Our bags are good heat conductors and the iron would hurt them. So would the radiator, so please be careful of the places where you store your bag. 

Can I put my bag in the washing machine? ↷

We advise you to avoid the washing machine. Our beloved materials are durable but also delicate. If it is absolutely necessary, put your bag into a protective mesh bag and choose a program of 30 °C, with no (or low) spinning.

My dog ate my bag. Can you fix it? ↷

We know that this could be actually true. Unfortunately, we are not able to fix most of the problems that may be caused by facts like that. The best we can do is advise you to be more careful when you search for a place to store your bag.


Can I buy a product online & send it as a gift to someone?

Yes, of course! At the checkout, please check the “Make it a Gift” box. After that, all you need to do is to use your address as the billing one (you’ll receive the receipt of your purchase at the email you’ll provide there) & fill in the shipping address of the recipient you wish the gift to go to.

The gift will be delivered in a special wrap paper or along with a gift accessory.

Can I send a personalized Wish Card along with my order? ↷

We are glad to say “Yes”! At the “Notes” section of your checkout, fill in the wish you would like to accompany the gift you are sending.

The recipient will receive it on a handwritten card from us!

Can the recipient make a change to the gift I sent him? ↷

We do include a return card along with your gift. The recipient will be able to change the unused product with one or more Lommer products (to equal the gift’s value).

Note #1: Returns are valid for 30 days after the shipment date.
Note #2: The shipping charges for any change should be covered by the recipient.


Can I offer someone I love a prepaid Lommer e-Gift Card?

That’s a very nice thing to do, and our answer is “Yes”! You can purchase an e-Gift Card with one of the proposed amounts, or select the one that would suit you best. You have to fill in carefully the name & the email of the recipient, select the delivery date, fill in your name & a personal note if you’d like. The recipient will have his Lommer Gift Card in his inbox on the date you have chosen.

Please be extra careful with the email address you fill in in the right box. Double & triple check it so your Lommer Gift Card will be delivered to the right person!

Note #1: The Lommer e-Gift Card is valid for one year after its delivery date.

Note #2: The Lommer e-Gift Card is valid only for online orders at, where the coupon can be applied at the checkout.

Lommer reserves the right to cancel any Gift Cards in its sole discretion where fraud or misuse is suspected.

How can I be sure that the recipient will receive the gift card? ↷

At the date that the recipient was supposed to be surprised by your e-gift card in his inbox, you could also send him a heads up notification! Let him know that something special may be waiting for him in his inbox. Please inform him to check the junk or spam folder too, cause sometimes misunderstandings between mail providers happen.

If that didn’t work either, please check again the email address you wrote when purchasing the Lommer e-Gift Card. If there is a mistake & someone else received your gift, let us know at (+30) 2109512852 or send us an email at to see if there is anything we can do about it.

Should the amount of a Gift Card be used in one single order, or could be split into many orders throughout the year? ↷

There is no restriction on how many orders you could make with a valid Gift Card. Every time you make an order with it, the order’s amount will be removed from the total amount of the gift card. This procedure will take place every time until the gift card’s amount goes to zero.

e-Gift Card: General Terms & Conditions of Use ↷

Lommer e-Gift Card


  • Lommer e-Gift Card is valid only for Lommer’s e-shop (, where the coupon can be applied.
  • The e-Gift Card’s total amount can be spent on many purchases on available Lommer products during the one year that the card is valid and until the available amount goes to zero.
  • In case you want to take your e-Gift Card back, it shouldn’t be already used by the recipient at all. You need to contact us via email at before 30 DAYS pass from the moment you did the payment. Please note that Lommer e-Gift Card’s amount is not available for refund. You may use this amount either by purchasing another e-gift card or select one or more products from our collection to equal the card’s amount.
  • If used once, the current balance of the Card is non-refundable or exchangeable for cash.
  • We are not responsible if someone else uses your coupon & make a purchase on our e-shop. That’s why we advise you to be very careful when you fill in the e-mail address, in order for the Gift Card to go to the right e-mail. For any further information, contact us at
  • After the e-Gift Card’s expiration date, the coupon cannot be applied or renewed.
  • Lommer P.C. is not responsible for no delivery or delay at the delivery of the e-Gift Card for reasons beyond Lommer’s control, such as a) defects or failures of telecommunication lines/systems, b) delay in retransmission information or data, or the loss of information or data that may occur under the conditions provided in (a), (c) inaccuracy of the recipient’s contact details provided by the buyer of the e-Gift Card, d) non-delivery of the Card to the email address was given, or e) the fact that the email sent by Lommer can be considered spam or junk (in this case please inform the recipient to check the spam folder).
  • Cards that have been obtained from the beginning in any illegal way are zero and invalid and can not be used to purchase products.
  • The e-Gift Card may not be used for the purpose of advertising or promoting products and services other than its issuer unless a written document has been issued consent of the latter.
  • The purchase and/or use of the e-Gift Card implies the full acceptance of the above terms and conditions, which have been made available to the customer at the time of purchase, and which also are available on Lommer’s website
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