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It’s that time of the year when we are all searching for the ideal gifts. Gifts for ourselves, our loved ones, our Secret Santas at the office… literally for everyone! How many choices, even more thoughts, and questions. What would they like? Did I forget anyone? Should I find something specific or a gift card would be better? We know what you’re dealing with and we are here to offer you our ultimate Lommer gift guide! Find in one place our gift proposals and then take your time to explore our collections to find the perfect gifts for all your loved ones!


Before we move on with our guide, it’s important to focus on the gift’s receiver. Are they a backpack or a tote bag type? Would they like matching gifts or do they love variety? Are they minimal all the way or would they be triggered by something with more… 3D feeling? After answering these questions, our work will become easier along with the gift guide. Enjoy!

She’s a lady!

When we have to find a gift for a lady, we may need more details about her style. So, after we observe some stylistic choices, it’d be easier to make our decisions. Our brand new and intriguing Terracotta 3D hue on our EvaPack may be ideal for a lady who likes to stand out and has a distinctive style. EvaOri on the other side is ideal for everyday tasks as our cross-body tote bag that leaves your hands free! Is she a tote bag lady? Then think about our EvaOri Large or EvaTwo, depending on her everyday needs!

Looking for complementary items? If she’s a “matching” lover, why don’t you think about the correspondent EvaMini to the bag you chose? 3D, Flakes, or Basics, EvaMini is available in all our hues and textures! If we could add something more, it would be an EvaFuda, our easy-to-find key holder. Find the combination she’d like the most, and make her life easier!

He’s a man with style!

What type of gift-finder are you? Do you find easily gifts for men or do you find them challenging? We believe that the tip for men’s gifts is “keep it simple”. An elegant and minimal stylistic choice would make it easier for them to embody your gift in their everyday life. As our experience has shown us, most of them like a total black combination or a black base with a colorful accent. So, check our Off-Black EvaPack with black rope or add a colorful rope if you believe they’d love it! Would you go for the extreme? How about an EvaPack in Mili Flakes? Would be up for that stylistic challenge?


If you’ve found the ideal bag, you may add a practical EvaFuda to your gift, in a combination that fits your bag choice. Furthermore, if they are an office type of man, you could also think about an EvaSeed Triplet for the office. Adding some cactuses or succulents to the office is a nice touch! Explore our choices and select the ones that would fit their place.

Let the kids play!

That’s what we were thinking when we were designing our EvaPack Mini for Kids. Except for the right size and length of the ropes, we added a decorative pattern that goes on the bag with snap buttons. Then, we decided to offer three more designs to let the kids play and decide which design they like on their bag every time they hold it! Make your choice between Basics & Flakes and… let them play!


If you wish to play and have quality time with them, we have a proposal! How about choosing a nice and colorful EvaSeed? You may also select a nice succulent and assemble the pot together with the kid. A nice and learning experience we believe you will both enjoy!

Secret Santa? We got you covered!

The thing with the Secret Santa game is that you may not know much about the person who’s your Secret Santa. Then you have two choices. The first is to make a selection from our collection, ask us to make it a gift, and then add a card with which your Secret Santa could change the gift if they’d like to. Your second choice is to give them a Gift Card with a fixed amount or the amount you would like, and let them decide how their gift will look like! Either way, you don’t have to worry! Take a look at some of our choices that are not mentioned yet and feel free to explore our entire collection on our e-shop!

A gift for an already Lommer Lover?

If you’re looking to offer a gift to an already Lommer Lover, may we propose our Extras? If you know the designs they already have, you may think of adding some extra parts to their collection! Our designs may have alterable straps or alterable lids, depending on the type of the bag. Extra parts can be a standalone gift or you may add extra parts to your initial order, offering your loved ones more options in the first place!

  • 0 out of 5

    Extra straps for EvaTwo

    0 out of 5

    Change your EvaTwo’s strap easily on your own, according to your mood.

  • 0 out of 5

    Extra lids for EvaClutch OnChain

    0 out of 5

    Adjust your EvaCluch OnChain to your mood!

  • 0 out of 5

    Extra lids for EvaClutch Small

    0 out of 5

    Adjust your EvaCluch Small to your mood!

  • 0 out of 5

    Extra straps for EvaBucket

    0 out of 5

    Change your EvaBucket’s strap easily on your own, according to your mood.

This Lommer Christmas will be amazing!

This season, we introduced our Loyalty Program for all of you who give us your love and support! With your Lommer Account, you gather points with every purchase you make through our e-shop (*points don’t apply on Gift Cards). These points mean you are now a part of our Loyalty Program, and along with them you will enjoy discount coupons, exclusive info for our upcoming designs, special offers, and more! Learn how it works, here!

Let’s get together!

If going through our entire collection online is not your thing, feel free to book a visit to our showroom, when the Lommer magic happens. You may book your appointment through telephone or book it online on the day and time it suits you best! Find the ideal way for you, here!

We wish you a Lommer Merry Christmas!



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