Gift Season is on. Are you struggling finding the right gift ? We know each person is unique and requirements and styles can differ. Remember, the best presents are the ones that speak up to a person’s character and preferances. Some of us prefer it classic, while others have many and intense colors in their hearts. What’s the perfect gift for your boyfriend? Or your friend? You want something special but also adapt to their style. Take a look at our Gift Guide, discover colors & styles and find the one that suits your requirememts!

Colorful Souls

Colors cannot only be worn, colors are inside us. Some people have colorful personalities, and this feature cannot be hidden. They show it off with their clothes, their accessories, their habits. Do you have any Colorful Souls around you? If not, you can be one! Explore some of our choices!

The Busy All Day Long

Are you or your beloved always in the run? Walking around the city carrying all the necessary things, and urging to be safe, confident and comfortable? And apart from all the above, you’d love to be stylish as well! You can do it!

The Special Occasion Addicts

It’s up to you to make every occasion special, either it is a dinner, a visit at the art gallery, drinks with your friends or a Sunday coffee. No limits on what to wear and when. Just choose your special add-on.

The Calm & Peaceful Personalities

Do you know that nature is related to calmness? Some of its earthy tones and elements can pass this energy to you. A lot of people prefer to adopt these colors to their everyday life, not only about its features but because it is easy to combine them with other colors! Take a look at this pallet.

Gift for a man with style!

Trying to find a gift for your male beloved one? Something special but simple enough to use in his everyday life? Minimal and comfortable are some of the key words about a man’s preferances. But always in a stylish way, either to wear or decorate! Discover some of our ideas!

Make our Little Friends happy!

Looking for something out of the ordinary this Christmas? Kids love to be creative! And even more, the love to be treated like ‘’big ones’’! That’s why we created EvaPack Mini for kids! We added a decorative pattern that goes on the bag with snap buttons, so they can make their EvaPack as they imagine it! And for those who would prefer an educational gift, gardening is a great way to spend some quality time with the kids and have fun as well!



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