It was April of 2015 when our journey as Lommer officially started. We have found the EVA material which inspired us to create our first designs & we already had our first and very important collaboration with the Benaki Museum. Looking back to these very first moments, we can’t be anything but proud and happy that we are here, after 5 whole years of design, business, and creative moments.

We are celebrating our 5 years’ anniversary with you! You who have been a part of our Lommer community & together we have shared so many beautiful moments. Let’s remember some of the moments we have lived together to our journey so far!

A’ Design Award for our tote bag, EvaTwo. One of our first designs ever got such an important international distinction!

International Design Award (IDA) for our urban backpack, EvaPack. We always wanted to design & produce a backpack. The birth of the EvaPack was a significant moment for us, as Lommer, and it felt really amazing receiving this award.

Our unique version of E.V.A. material. After some time of working with the EVA material, we were able to have a version that is being produced under our specific requirements. It was a really important moment because we knew it could have the quality we wanted.

Many beautiful collaborations with online & offline stores all over the world. Collaborations & that last many years now, and that’s how we like doing business. Building strong and long-time relationships is what we value the most.

Designer Exhibitions & Events. Being a part of the design community of the world means you get to know many other creators & designers in exhibitions in Greece and all over the world. We’ve had many meaningful and beautiful moments in events like these.

Our first pop-up store at Golden Hall. The best opportunity for us to create the ultimate Lommer experience in a store, on the first floor of Golden Hall. You could find many more available combinations, feel the EVA material, ask more about our designs & acquire the one you liked most for you or your loved ones.

Many creative moments working on our designs. Trials, errors, lines, pencils & design tools are what we love spending our time on. We always love searching for the next exciting thing in our design and expand our limits.

So many moments to remember and so many more things to share with you in the future!

We are celebrating with you of course and we have a gift for you to enjoy! You can now place your order with the “Lommer5” coupon at the checkout, for a 20% discount in all designs available. The time is limited until 03/5, so seize the opportunity to become a #lommerlover.



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