Are you a Lommer fan, lover, or loyal? Time to find out!


Our Loyalty Program is here to make your every Lommer moment count.


See how simply it works:


Sign up and create your Lommer Account.



Earn your points!


Collect your badges!


Apply your coupons to your next order!

All you need is a username, an e-mail, and a password!

Every Lommer order counts! Stay up-to-date for products or periods which give your more points than usual!


Normal count:

1€ = 1 point

When you reach a certain amount of points, you will be awarded a discount coupon for your next order!

You may apply the discount coupon to your cart or at the checkout!


> #LommerLover Badge Requirements: 300 points in total | Award: -15% Discount Coupon for your next order


> #LommerLoyal Badge Requirements: 500 points in total | Award: -20% Discount Coupon for your next order


> Badges: You may find your Point Balance and your Awarded Badges at Account Settings > Loyalty


> Coupons: You may find your available Coupons at Account Settings > My Coupons
From there you can copy your coupon and apply it to your cart or at the checkout of your next order


> Only confirmed and completed orders will be approved for points


> Only one discount coupon can be applied per order


> Discount coupons can be used only once


> Points do not apply to Gift Cards


> Rewards rules may be subject to change


How do I get points?

You get points with each completed order. 1€ = 1 point. In certain periods or for certain products, more points may be awarded, so stay up-to-date with our e-mail notifications (you need to Subscribe to our Newsletter during your registration).

Can I combine offers?

Unfortunately, no. Only one coupon may be applied per order. So you won’t be able to use a promotional code along with an awarded coupon.

Fortunately, loyalty badges are awarded to your total amount of orders, so even with an order when you’ll apply a promotional code, you still get the points that may award you a Lommer Badge!

Do points expire?

Points: At the end of every year (31.12), accounts with no activity through the year get their point to zero.

Awarded Coupons: After you’ve been awarded a badge, your coupon will have a one-year duration to be applied to a new order. After that, your coupon won’t be available.

Where do I check how many points I have?

All the information you’ll need is available in your Profile > Account Settings > Loyalty.

There you’ll find your total balance and your awarded badges if any.

Where can I find my coupons?

You will find your coupons following this path: Profile > Account Settings > > My Coupons

There you’ll find your awarded coupons, along with their availability and expiration date.

Where do I apply my coupon?

You may apply your coupon at the “Cart” stage or at the “Checkout” stage. The discount will be applied to the total amount of your order.

*Please remember that you may apply an awarded coupon just once.

Is the loyalty program awarding only online purchases?

Yes, the loyalty program is available only for purchases through our e-shop. That’s why it’s so important to log in to your account before you complete your order. Otherwise, the points won’t be awarded.

I completed my orded without logging in, what can I do?

If you have an account but you completed your order without logging in, and you still want your points to be awarded, you may contact us through an e-mail at and we will find a way to make it happen. But be more careful next time!



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