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As two product designers, we are always in search of unique uses of industrial materials. After some time of Research & Development, we found EVA foam polymer & we managed to produce in Europe our own form of EVA, which is being produced under our specific requirements.

EVA is a lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable, vegan & non-toxic soft polymer. By taking advantage of the material’s characteristics, we design & produce eye-catching silhouettes for bags & accessories, introducing the EVAFamily. EvaFamily’s products are divided into three main categories, based on the material’s composition: Basics are the monochrome ones and Flakes are the ones formed by recycled EVA of different colors, & the 3D Textures, which with heat during the production acquire embossed textures.

The factory in which our E.V.A. material is produced has a quality certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 & participates in European projects such as GREENZO, which seeks to create a pilot plant to transform industrial waste into materials that can be used in other products, thereby reducing both pollution and the use of non-renewable resources.

Lommer Design EVA material

A closer look.

Lightweight & Durable: Two of the characteristics that together they let us create even large tote bags that can hold many things without becoming exhausting for the hand. In fact, the material can’t be easily deformed and it would take 200% of pressure against its limit in order to maintain the transformation. A pressure that is very difficult to apply with everyday use of any bag.

Recyclable: In addition to the non-toxic feature, EVA is also a recyclable material. We love that feature so much, that we chose to have three Flakes Combinations that come right out of recycled EVA materials of different colors. You can check the unique styles of Color, Mili & Bauhaus Flakes in our e-shop.

Waterproof: The EVA material is known for being waterproof “by nature”. It has a very low percentage of absorbance thus it’s very easy to remove almost anything that may be spilled on it. It’s one of the benefits we love the most since you can easily clean our EVA products with just a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent do not hesitate to also use soap and water.

Vegan: The spirit of veganism is cruelty-free. Our material production method does not include any harmful processes.

Smooth Feeling: Last but not least, a feature we really paid attention to when giving our own requirements for our EVA production. Even though is a feature that comes with even the basic forms of EVA, we wanted it to have a perfect feeling on your hands.


How we choose to do things.

We are not fans of mass production so we produce everything in order by order way, taking care of every step of the process. All Lommer products are handmade in our facilities in Greece with our main suppliers located either in Greece or within the European Union. Thus we control the quality of the products & services we offer.

Building Long-Term Relationships

That’s not just a phrase, but it’s part of Lommer’s philosophy, referring to partners, wholesalers & customers too. We believe in trust between the two parts of any transaction & that’s how we like to work and move forward.

Respecting the environment.

Except for the recyclable feature of our EVA material, we respect the environment all along with our design & production process. We recycle as much as we can, we reduce loss by taking advantage of even the smallest parts of our material & we design things that could be reused by you: The fabric packaging that some of our designs have, can be used as a separate bag afterward & the paper packaging of the others, contains the instructions also & can be used for safer storage of your bags.

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