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Our main material, E.V.A is being supplied by a factory in Italy.

They are fighting for a better and more sustainable future, so all their actions and production circumstances are around these pillars. Production is around recycled materials, which contribute to the reduction of waste, the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

A new discovery and important achievement, that they obtained,  a new material with the highest reuse of recycled EVA ever made before, which we intend to make our basic material. It is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 14021:2016 standard. Another certification the factory acquires is A UNI EN ISO 14855 certification, obtained through the testing of specialized laboratories: in absolute compliance with the European Directive CE 94/62.  Struggling to generate energy savings and respect the environment they use photovoltaic systems and smart lighting.  

Lommer Design EVA material

A closer look to EVA

Lightweight & Durable: Two of the characteristics that together they let us create even large tote bags that can hold many things without becoming exhausting for the hand. In fact, the material can’t be easily deformed and it would take 200% of pressure against its limit in order to maintain the transformation. A pressure that is very difficult to apply with everyday use of any bag.

Recyclable: In addition to the non-toxic feature, EVA is also a recyclable material. We love that feature so much, that we’ve already started to switch all the EVA we use in its recycled form. Until today, we’ve introduced three recycled materials, verified by Bureau Veritas. These are Mosaic, Tanned & Verde Mare. Our goal is by the end of 2024 to use exclusively recycled EVA in our production.

Waterproof: The EVA material is known for being waterproof “by nature”. It has a very low percentage of absorbance thus it’s very easy to remove almost anything that may be spilled on it. It’s one of the benefits we love the most since you can easily clean our EVA products with just a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent do not hesitate to also use soap and water.

Vegan: The spirit of veganism is cruelty-free. Our material production method does not include any harmful processes.

Smooth Feeling: Last but not least, a feature we really paid attention to when giving our own requirements for our EVA production. Even though is a feature that comes with even the basic forms of EVA, we wanted it to have a perfect feeling on your hands.


When it comes to most of our metallic elements, we are proud to have YKK as our main supplier. At the core of all their corporate activities is the philosophy of YKK founder the “Cycle of Goodness”. Under the “Cycle of Goodness, ” YKK will address the essence of sustainability through businesses and products and will continue to take on challenges in order to remain a socially good company. Focusing on YKK Group’s corporate spirit of continuing to prosper together with society, customers, related industries, and employees, and consider it to be a concept that leads to sustainability. The company takes into serious consideration the environmental impact that the consumption of electric energy and the pollutants caused, and it’s trying to reduce and control them.


As far as it concerns our straps/ belts we have two suppliers, one from Greece and another one from Germany. Quality is on top of those materials. Both factories have ISO 9001:2015 & STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX certification, that ensures best quality of products in compliance and commands of customers’ requirements and ensures the continuous development and research of the materials based on new needs like technology and sustainability.  


All our ropes are made in Greece by happy hands. They are originally created to be used for shipping/ sailing requirements, so they are very durable and also recyclable. All products comply with International Certification Organizations and have two certifications, ISO 9001:2008 certified by UKAS – B.V.Q.I.
ISO 14001:2004 certified by UKAS – B.V.Q.I.   


How we choose to do things.

All our products are created in-house, in our headquarters located in Kallithea, Athens. In this way, we oversee all the procedures and ensure everything is working under control and according to our requirements. Heading towards sustainability, this local production is very important for the ethical conditions we are trying to build. We make sure that no extra energy is being used and every material leftover or damaged material batch are being used for smaller products, as we are struggling to minimize material waste.  


Working Conditions

All our products and services are created by happy hands, and happy hands come from happy people. Team spirit, respect, safety, understanding, love for the brand, creativity, sharing opinions and deep conversations are some of our working environment values. Success comes from the inside, and we are very proud and happy to have our Lommer Team on the top of that.  


Waste Management & made to order philosophy

Trying to minimize material waste we pay extra attention to our production proccedures. Our materials arrive in big sheets and we use our metallic molds to cut the its shape into smaller and specific dimensions.

The leftovers/ smaller shapes of the material that come up are gathered to be used in the production of smaller pieces. For instance, material left from the creation of EvaPack is being used to create EvaMini, our wallet sized handbag. In this way, not only we protect the environment from extra waste, but we also support circularity within our manufacturing environment.  

 As far as it concerns the stock circumstances, there is a reason why we consider our brand a slow fashion one. We do not create stock; the biggest part of our production is based on ‘’Made to Order’’ products. In this way we keep control of our warehouse and we do not use any extra energy or extra materials to create more products than necessary. Massive production is not our thing, as we do not participate either in big Sales events like Black Friday, to sell large amounts of products that were not absorbed, nor to huge sales periods.  

Building Long-Term Relationships

That’s not just a phrase, but it’s part of Lommer’s philosophy, referring to partners, wholesalers & customers too. We believe in trust between the two parts of any transaction & that’s how we like to work and move forward.

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