EvaBucket Lommer Bags

We are always looking for the unexpected & unique, but we are always loyal to our values of minimalism & timeless design. Until now, we had a variety of designs on tote bags, backpacks, wallets & accessories. The time came when we decided to go even further. Meet EvaBucket!

The challenge?

The challenge here was to design & produce a shoulder bag with a single alterable strap which would be able to secure your belongings at the same time. And we managed to do it in a very interesting & noteworthy way.

What also interesting about this Lommer design, is the ratio of the dimensions of the bag. Larger at the bottom, closing up to the top with many angles and even more interesting foldings. As in all our Lommer bags, EvaBucket comes together with snap buttons by a single piece of our EVA material. After all, this was one of the first challenges we had to overcome since the material cannot be sewn. 

What makes EvaBucket unique?

It’s not just a single feature. EvaBucket has many for you to love. Let’s start with the most obvious one, the shape. As its name already reveals, this design is similar to a bucket shape. In addition to that, there are angles that cannot pass unnoticed. The base of the bag has six sides, formed by these angles and the way the material folds together to form the bag.

Like a bucket, it may not be so wide in measurements, but it certainly has enough depth to hold your every day needs as a bag. A closer look at the dimensions gives us a tote bag with 21cm length, 26.5cm height, 24cm width and it weighs 500g.

But we mentioned that there are many features to love. One of them is the alterable straps. The straps we use are nylon seatbelts and at each end they have a rectangle metallic component, inspired by the Montgomery buttons. So you can easily change the straps on your own, creating a different color combination every time, depending on your style & color palette.

What makes our EvaBucket design even more interesting, is how the bag secures everything you have inside. With the strap passing through a metallic ring, the weight of the bag allows the top sides of the bag to come close enough to achieve that.

And we are not done yet with EvaBucket’s features. Thanks to our EVA material which is waterproof, you can easily handwash the bag with a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent, do not hesitate to use soap with water.

We are done with the bag, but what about its packaging? When you receive your bag, you’ll first notice the protective bag, made by fabric. We want you to live the total Lommer experience, and packaging is a very important part of it. You can keep the bag to protect your EvaBucket through your travels or find any other use that you could find for this bag.

How to hold?

EvaBucket is an eye-catching shoulder bag. The strap is long enough for you to easily pass through your shoulder and be able to reach the bottom of the bag. As we said above about the closing of the bag, in order to reach your belongings easier, you may have to pull a part of the strap of the metallic ring, to create a larger opening. When you’re done, push the ring back to the center of the bag.

If you need any advice on how to secure your content or on how to change the straps, you’ll just have to look at the instructions that come with the bag.

Through our e-shop you can acquire your first EvaBucket with the strap of your choice. If you need any extra strap, you’ll just have to go to “Accessories” and choose your extra strap through there.

Explore our EvaBucket on Basic colors or 3D texutres, here!



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