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A dog hiding behind EvaClutch, a clutch bag by Lommer Design

EvaClutch is a design that meets the requirements of a clutch bag. It’s the best choice to complete an outfit for a night out or for an important event!

The noteworthy bag is our first design with alterable lids. Different shapes create different bags for you to choose what suits you the best. EvaClutch is the best bag to complete an outfit for a night out or an important event.

The challenge?

Meeting requirements is what we love doing. At first we started by covering the tote bag section. But then a question poped out. What about a night out? What about a bag that would make an impression as an accessory that completes an outfit? The answer we gave to that question, was our first clutch bag, EvaClutch.

The real challenge was the dimensions of the bag. We wanted to create a large clutch bag which at the same time would be minimal & easy to handle. What’s more to that? We added a feature we loved at our tote bags too. The alterable parts!

What makes EvaClutch unique?

Its shape & aesthetics, along with its size. EvaClutch has two different alterable lid designs. That means that you can choose as many color lids as you like, even from different shapes, and you’ll be able to adjust them to the case in every way you wish.

The one lid choice is the “Triangle” one. A rounded corner around the main snap button makes it a soft & elegant choice. The other one, the “Square”, has two corners that create a more imposing effect.

Now, let’s dive into the size matter. EvaClutch has 39cm length, 15cm height, 6.5cm width and it weighs just 180g, thanks to the lightweight EVA material. It’s a clutch able to hold all your essentials for any occasion.

Lommer Tip: Accidents happen. But remember, if someone careless drops some drink on your bag, you can easily clean it with water & a microfiber cloth, thanks to our waterproof material.

How to hold?

EvaClutch is following the main definition of a clutch bag. So, the easiest way to hold it is under your arm or on your hand.

Explore the variety of shapes & color combinations here.



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