EvaClutch OnChain Lommer

Slim and primarily handheld are the basic features of a bag to be named as a “clutch bag”. Although, there are some times that larger bags with handles can also be described as such. With the size of a clutch bag & a metallic chain as a handle for the shoulder, we’d like to introduce to you our EvaClutch OnChain.

The challenge?

The challenge about EvaClutch OnChain was the “onchain” part. It was our first attempt to match our EVA material with anything metallic. Inspired by this metallic chain with a matte finish, we designed a clutch bag to accompany your walks in the city or a night out.

What makes EvaClutch OnChain unique?

The style, the size & the alterable lids! Minimal aesthetics in design, our EVA material & the metallic chain create a unique combination in a clutch bag that stands out. The size of the bag follows the proportions of a clutch bag and it’s perfect for all your essentials. To be more specific, EvaClutch OnChain has 24cm length, 16cm height, and 6cm width, while it weighs just 300g (chain included).

The third feature, the one about the alterable lids, is a feature that you find in all our clutches. These Lommer bags are consisted of two parts, the case & the lid. In that way, you can create your unique color & texture combinations. The lids are adjusted to the case with snap buttons, so you can easily unbutton any lid & adjust the one that fits perfectly to your mood & style.

You may find all the available extra lids for EvaClutch OnChain at the “Accessories” category.

How to hold?

The total length of the chain of this clutch bag is 110cm, long enough for you to hold on your shoulder, or even make it a cross-body bag. An interesting alternative is to “hide” the chain inside the bag, limiting its space, and simply hold it on your hand.

You choose how the bag looks & how to hold it.

Enjoy EvaClutch OnChain online!



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