Lommer Design Clutch Bag EvaClutch OnChain Small by Sotiris Bougas

A bag to hold on your hand like any other clutch bag or a bag with an elegant handle made of a metallic chain? Either way, EvaClutch OnChain Small is here to meet some new requirements of yours!

The challenge?

The challenge we had during designing EvaClutch OnChain Small was to meet the requirements of a perfect look while playing with interesting materials. We wanted to create a small clutch bag that you could take anywhere with a noteworthy design to accompany your style.

We did it and we named it after EvaClutch OnChain, the first clutch bag we designed which combines our EVA material with a matte metallic chain.

What makes EvaClutch OnChain Small unique?

First of all, we would like to focus on its size. Our new design has the least length of all our clutches. We wanted it to add a smaller clutch bag to our collection while maintaining all the advantages of a clutch bag. EvaClutch OnChain Small has 18cm length, 16cm height, 5cm width & it weighs just 200g, thanks to our lightweight EVA material.

What’s more about this design, is that the lids are now rounded & inspired by the arches in architectural design. And of course, as in any Lommer clutch bag, the lids are alterable! That means you can choose as many as you like, and easily change them on your own, according to your style!

How to hold?

The chain is a metallic black one, and its length is ideal for you to hold the bag on your hand. An alternative is to hold the bag as any clutch bag on your hand and let the chain be over your hand, as a nice touch!

Lommer tip: Another way to hold the bag is to put the chain inside the bag & use it as a clutch bag, or use it as an extra bag with your every day larger tote bag or backpack!

Enjoy our new small clutch bag online!



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