EvaClutch Small Clutch Bag by Lommer Design on an old radio

One of the things we love the most about our brand is flexibility. Designing & producing in Greece offers us the opportunity to be more adjustable in meeting your requirements. A clutch bag? Yes, we already have the EvaClutch. But what happens if we “play” with the size? Then we get EvaClutch Small! A more compact clutch bag in size, maintaining all the elegance of its prior design.

The challenge?

Ideal proportions are always a challenge when designing. EvaClutch is a clutch bag that makes a statement. We wanted to keep the minimal aesthetics & the lines of the EvaClutch & adjust them to a more modest size.

Smaller & ready to accompany your nights out!

What makes EvaClutch Small unique?

In our EvaClutch collection, size matters! EvaClutch Small is ideal for an after-work drink, a cocktail event, or a walk on a Greek island. It can hold all your essentials & still keep is elegance, thanks to the durability of our EVA material. Talking about size, the clutch bag has 30.5cm length, 12cm height, 5cm width & it weighs just 100g.

Another thing that makes it unique is the fact that it’s a clutch bag with alterable lids. At our “Accessories” category you will find extra lids to add to your EvaClutch Small. Choose the extra lid you love the most & then you’ll be just four buttons away from a totally different style on your clutch bag. You may also choose a different style for your lids, linear, or square. Your choice, your EvaClutch Small!

How to hold?

Easier to handle and to keep in your hand, you may choose EvaClutch Small for a special occasion. If you love large tote bags for your everyday needs, such as our EvaTwo or EvaOri Large, we have a tip for you. Have your EvaClutch Small inside your tote bag to hold your essentials all day long, & take only the clutch if you continue your afternoon or night somewhere else.

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