EvaMini Wallet by Lommer Design in Editorial Photoshoot

We had big tote bags, we had a large clutch bag, but we realized we missed something. We missed a wallet for all these things we need to be separated in our bags. And so we designed one & we called it “EvaMini”!

The challenge?

The challenge was to complete our design collection with a wallet-size bag so that we could create the EvaFamily Collection. It was with the design of EvaMini when we realized that we had a variety of products, meeting more & more requirements of everyday life.

Our bags & accessories collection had a new member & EvaMini was actually a significant addition that helped us plan our future steps.

What makes EvaMini unique?

EvaMini is an elegant, wallet-size handbag designed for all your essential stuff. So, its size is what makes it unique. It has 20cm length, 11cm height, and 2cm width while weighing just 80g.

Fun fact: EvaMini is the only Lommer Design that the body color is all you have to choose, so choose the one you love the best. We love the playful design so, in other Lommer bags, you may choose the strap, the lid, or maybe both.

How to hold?

According to its size, EvaMini is perfect as a wallet inside your bigger tote bag or backpack. But, according to its minimal aesthetics & elegance, it could also stand as a wallet-purse for a night out. All your essentials in one, “Mini”, place!

The photoshoot around EvaMini

We love our editorial photoshoots. Every time we design something new, we introduce it to you through an editorial photoshoot. This time we used the main body of a mannequin doll & we combined it with the human element. The doll was the canvas while our designs in earthy tones became the color that completed the artwork. The idea came to life thanks to our experienced photographer, Theo Pantazis.

Find all the available Body Colors for EvaMini on our e-shop.



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