Sometimes large is not large enough. As women, we know that some of us love to have a large tote bag that can hold the needs of our whole day. These were exactly the requirements we needed to meet when designing EvaOri Large, one of our largest Lommer bags so far.

The challenge?

The challenge was to create a big tote bag that could easily be held by you. Thanks to our lightweight material, we did it! As for her design, maybe you have already spotted that she almost shares the name with our EvaOri crossbody bag. The main difference is the size and it’s a significant scale-up from EvaOri to EvaOri Large. What they share even more is the design aspect.

As we have previously said, “ori” means folding in Japanese and that’s how these designs got their names. One piece of our EVA material comes together in a “folding” way to form the bag. That leads to the unique, polygonal shape & to the way the bag stands.

What makes EvaOri Large unique?

The shape & the size. It’s a large tote bag with a unique shape. In order to maintain its shape, the bag has one of the largest widths we have in our bags. That creates enough space for all you need in everyday activities. The polygonal shape creates a smaller opening at the top of the bag, slightly bigger than the spots where the handles are put. So you can have control of your belongings at all times.

We mentioned size, so let’s talk with some numbers. EvaOri Large has 39cm length, 32cm height & 17cm width. These three dimensions combined, create the most spacious Lommer bag, while weighs just 550g.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the bag’s packaging. EvaOri Large will come to you inside another protective bag, made by fabric. You can reuse the packaging when you want to transfer your bag through your travels. Alternatively, feel free to use it as an independent bag to cover any other needs you may have.

How to hold?

As seen also on the design of EvaTwo, the straps of EvaOri Large are nylon seatbelts. They are not too long, in order for you to be able to hold it on your hand, on the arm or under your shoulder. At the same time, they are quite wide so they don’t put much pressure on a certain point of your arm or shoulder. Choose the best way that meets your requirements!

In our e-shop, you will find all the available colors for EvaOri Large & you can make your combinations with the straps to find the one you’d love to hold every day!

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