EvaOri Lommer Editorial

Meeting requirements is the way that we design & produce our products. Our collection so far was consisted of a large tote bag, a clutch bag, a backpack & a wallet to perfectly accompany all the above. But what about a crossbody bag? We didn’t have a bag like that until now that we introduce EvaOri!

EvaOri is a very interesting example of our way of thinking. A tote bag with our EVA material & alterable straps that you can easily change on your own, creating your favorite combinations every day. But the most interesting thing in this design is the way that the one piece of EVA folds together to form the unique shape of this bag.

The challenge?

The challenge was to create a unique crossbody bag that would stand out by its design. And in design, we focused the most! EvaOri has a unique polygonal shape thanks to the way our EVA material folds to form the bag. You can easily spot its polygonal shape only by seeing it from its side. One piece of EVA comes together with snap buttons & grommets to create the final product.

EvaOri is a tote bag for all your everyday needs. A bag that could easily be held from early in the morning and accompany a night out.

What makes EvaOri unique?

Before we move on to the design part, we should first mention the name! Ori means “folding” in Japanese, and that’s what actually gave us the idea for the name of the bag.

What’s more about EvaOri is the fact that the straps are alterable and you can easily change them on your own. At each end of the strap there is a metallic component to help you with that. Change the strap, change your mood & enjoy your day!

EvaOri has the ideal proportions for everything you may need every day. It has 30cm length, 23cm height, 10cm width & it weighs just 240g, thanks to our lightweight EVA material.

The bag closes with a snap button at the center & it comes to you inside a specially designed cotton bag that you can use to transfer your bag at your travels, or use it independently afterward!

A new & unique Lommer bag couldn’t be introduced without an extended photo shooting around its special features. Once more, Theo Pantazis was the photographer & Dimitra Zachopoulou our dancer/model. Light, calm, and elegant moves & our EvaOri created the perfect environment to highlight the details of our very first crossbody bag. Enjoy them below!

How to hold?

The “crossbody” way may be the most obvious one, cause we designed it to be a crossbody tote bag. The total length of each strap is 110cm, enough for you to wear it crossbody. At the same time, this length allows you to hold the bag on your shoulder, being able to reach your belongings with ease.

Hold it, live your most joyful moments with it and share them with a tag @lommer.design or use the hashtag #myLommer.

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