EvaPack Camel Backpack bag by Lommer Design on a Model Doll

Do you know that feeling you get when you complete something that was really challenging? That was exactly the feeling we got when we were finally ready to introduce to you our brand new backpack, EvaPack.

The challenge?

Each bag we design has different needs & requirements to meet. EvaPack was a big challenge for us in many ways. We wanted to stay loyal to our minimal & timeless design and at the same time create the perfect backpack to join our EvaFamily. We wanted it to stand out from everything we had already seen in this category and the unexpected materials showed us the way.

For the first time, we combined our EVA material with something different than the nylon straps that we did for EvaOne & EvaTwo. During our research, we found durable sailing ropes, available in many colors. These ropes are used in the shipping industry & they are durable, just like our EVA material. We were very happy to explore its unique features & we enjoyed the main challenge which was to harmoniously match the two different materials, ending up with a unique backpack. And we did it!

What makes EvaPack unique?

We are proud to mention its design as the first thing that makes EvaPack unique. As Lommer, we design everything through the aspect of product design. EvaPack is a remarkable backpack with minimal aesthetics & the combination of the EVA material with the sailing rope, makes it noteworthy too.

But let us explore its design a bit more. When we were exploring the sailing rope’s features, we found out its ability to pass through itself, creating handles & knots. By taking advantage of this ability, we created a handle through a single piece of rope. This handle holds the length of the shoulder straps even, without using any extra component. But there’s more to that! At the same time, the way the rope passes through the handle, it uses the weight of the bag to secure the content, creating an anti-theft advantage. You don’t have to worry about your belongings when your EvaPack is on your back!

And the cool features don’t end there! Another feature of EvaPack is the multiple choices you have in size. Depending on what you want to experience with it, we offer EvaPack in Small, Regular & Large sizes. EvaPack Small is the backpack that holds your essentials for carefree moments. EvaPack Regular is the most common size and it holds all these things you may need in everyday activities. EvaPack Large can hold even more things & it’s a choice that most men choose cause it fits better at their body structure.

If you are wondering about the exact numbers of the sizes we mention above, let’s clear them out too! EvaPack Small has 20cm length, 24cm height & 9cm width. The Regular size has 25cm length, 31cm height & 12cm width. The Large one has 27cm length, 36cm height & 14cm width. Their weight varies from 300g up to 700g. A lightweight a durable backpack!

Last but not least, and we enjoy sharing it every time, is the easiness our waterproof EVA material offers to clean your bag. You can easily hand wash it with a wet microfiber cloth and if the stain is persistent do not hesitate to use soap with water. Not enough? Use a protective bag & put your EvaPack in the laundry machine at low temperature (30°C) and with no or low stacking. As you see, we got you covered so you can experience everything with your EvaPack.

How to hold?

The first way to hold your EvaPack is the obvious one and we are talking about the backpack way. You can hold it on your shoulders or unite the shoulder straps at having it on one shoulder only. But you know what? The handle and the way the bag opens & closes, let you explore even more ways to hold it. For example, you can loosen up the rope at the handle & hold the bag on your arm. In that way, you have better access to your belongings while relieving the weight from your shoulders for a period of time. Feel free to let us know if you find more ways to hold it!

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