Have you ever felt you needed a bag not too small & not too big at the same time? As women, we usually want to have the perfect balance between how a bag looks when we hold it & how many things a bag can hold. Meet our wallet-size wristlet bag, EvaPocket!

The challenge?

The challenge this time was to create a bag with the ideal proportions. We did it & we named it EvaPocket, a name that matches the bag perfectly.

EvaPocket is not just another wallet or just another Lommer bag. It’s something in between and you can select its use every time you need it. It can hold as many things as your pockets… and even more! Money, credit cards, a small notebook, glasses, lighters, headphones, mobile phone… just some of the choices you may wish you could have in one place!

What makes EvaPocket unique?

First of all, its size! You will find EvaPocket at the “Wallets” category of our website. That’s because it has the dimensions of a wallet, though it can be held independently as a small bag too. It has 20cm length, 13cm height, 4cm width & it weighs just 115g, thanks to our lightweight EVA material.

A unique feature of EvaPocket is the alterable handle, made by pvc material. Every EvaPocket comes with one handle on the bag & two additional handles that you can easily change on your own. The handle is attached to the bag with a screw component. So you choose the handle that matches your style every time!

Need more specific instructions on how to change the handle? You will find everything you need on the specially designed paper package of the EvaPocket. You can save the package to use it as a protective way to trasnfer your EvaPocket through your travels.

EvaPocket comes together from one piece of our EVA material which forms the final product. Thanks to the fact that EVA is a waterproof material, remember that EvaPocket can be easily be hand-washed with a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent, do not hesitate to use soap with water.

How to hold?

As we mentioned at the begining of this post, EvaPocket is a wristlet bag. The handle on the side is long enough for you to pass it through your wrist and hold the bag from the top or the base. At any case, you can leave the bag hanging on your arm when you need to use your hands.

Lommer’s Tip: You can use EvaPocket as a pocket in your larger tote bags all day long & then select the few essentials things you need for a perfect night out after work!

Now that you’ve learned everything about EvaPocket, you can enjoy your moments with it. If you wish to share them with us, tag @lommer.design or use the hashtag #myLommer.

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