Lommer Design Bag EvaPocket Crossbody by Sotiris Bougas

An evening walk in the city or an urban weekend exploration? For moments like these, you just need some essentials & you are good to go! So what about a wallet-size small crossbody bag? We’d like you to meet our new EvaPocket Crossbody!

The challenge?

The challenge for EvaPocket Crossbody was to create a small & handy bag to hold all your essentials in one place & without you worrying about them.

And we did it in our own, Lommer, way!

What makes EvaPocket Crossbody unique?

Design, size, category, use… you name it! EvaPocket CB is our second crossbody bag, besides EvaOri. The name of our new bag is no coincidence. If you already know our wristlet bag, EvaPocket, you can already understand the size of EvaPocket CB. It’s almost the same. The main difference is the orientation of the bag since now it’s vertical, to be more practical to use.

Let’s move on to the choices we give you in this design. The bag consists of three parts, the case, the lid & the handle. The case & the lid are made of our EVA material which is lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable, non-toxic & vegan. Firstly, you should choose the case you want your bag to have. You can choose between Basic Colors, or Flakes & 3D Colors. Your mood, your style, your choice!

The lids of EvaPocket Crossbody are alterable, as it happens in every Lommer design with separate case & lid. That means you can choose as many as you wish and easily change them on your own, according to your everyday outfit. Furthermore, in our new designs, we are inspired by the arches of architectural design, so the lids are perfectly rounded.

The handle is made of PVC material. They come in many different colors for you to pick the one you love. You can either make a classic choice or play more with colors. We do love playful design after all!

What’s really important about this new design is the size that matters. The bag has 14cm length, 20cm height, 4cm width & it weighs just 120g. The handle has 120cm length so it can easily pass through your shoulder.

How to hold?

We designed EvaPocket CB to be perfect as a crossbody bag so your hands will stay free to enjoy your every moment! At the same time, the length of the handle allows you to hold it also on one shoulder.

Lommer Tip: If you want to be more adaptable every day, wrap the handle around the bag, use it as a wallet with your main bag, and when you need it, separate them & enjoy some carefree moments!

Explore all EvaPocket Crossbody’s combinations online!



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