EvaSeed Triplet - Small Flower Pots by Lommer Design

This spring’s inspiration gave us not only ideas for new colors & designs, but also it brought inspiration to go further and create the first flower pot designed by Lommer. EvaSeed is a new product, designed to make your moments at home or at work more calming and easy going!

The challenge?

The challenge we faced for this new category of products was what new requirement of yours we would meet in the most Lommer way. As you can see, EvaSeed is our first design that does not belong to the Bags & Accessories category. We are a modern design studio and we use unique materials to meet real-life needs. With all the world spending more time at home, we focused on that. Flowers and plants make our home feel more comfortable, so we designed and produce a small & minimal flower pot to accommodate your cactuses & succulents.

But that wasn’t the only challenge we faced in our way of designing EvaSeed. What we really wanted to do, is to take advantage of every single part of our EVA material, making the most out of it. Although we do recycle all the recyclable small parts, why not being creative with them instead? Furthermore, it’s something we have already done before with our EvaFuda, the distinctive key holder!

What makes EvaSeed unique?

The most unique feature of our new design is its use! EvaSeed comes to you in a flat form & with specially designed recycled paper packaging which contains all the instructions you’ll need. Simply follow the steps and you’ll have your EvaSeed ready to accommodate a plant. At the bottom, you’ll see four small holes, designed for the right drainage of the soil.

How to use?

The most obvious way to use EvaSeed is as a small flower pot for small plants & flowers. If you’d like to be more creative with it, please don’t hesitate to give us a hint of what more it can do for you!

Explore our color triplets or find your personal favorites on the page where EvaSeed is available indepedently.

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