Lommer comes from “LOve Materials MEet Requirements”, and we never get bored saying that! This year we meet two different requirements with two entirely different designs. The first one is a small shoulder bag, coming as an ode to our material and the second is the first vertical large tote bag we ever made! Learn everything about them below and find which one meets your requirements best!


Meet EvaSquared: A total EVA choice with a colorful twist!

EvaSquared took her name from its total EVA feature. Both the bag and the straps are made of our EVA material. It’s ideal for a walk in the sunset that will lead to drinks overnight. It may hold all your essentials and it has all the features that come along with our EVA. So, you have a lightweight small shoulder bag from a waterproof and recyclable material.

The colorful twist is its double-colored strap. EvaSquared is designed and produced in three unique color combinations. The straps consist of two parts. One is the same color as the body of the bag and the other is a matching color. Off black comes with Salvia, Salmon with Denim, and Stone with Terracotta. What’s your favorite?

Meet Eva75°: Our first vertical tote bag, ideal for work!

We are so glad to share with you are first large and vertical design! The angle of the material on the front gave the tote bag its name, Eva75°. This angle is an effect of the material coming together to form the bag. Furthermore, as in EvaTwo, thanks to product design, the strap over the material at the bottom is holding most of the weight of the bag, taking the pressure off the material itself.


The strap is our loved black seat belt, which fits perfectly with our three available textures and hues. As you may explore online, Eva75° comes in Stone, Terracotta 3D, and Mosaic. Last, but certainly not least, we added a closing detail, adding safety to the product. Which one would you choose?



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