EvaTwo: Black Tote bag by Lommer Design in Editorial Photoshoot

EvaTwo is a minimal tote bag designed for every hour of the day, having the mood you want her to have. As its name reveals, is the second design we made as Lommer. The requirement we decided to meet with EvaTwo, is an all-day tote bag that can hold everything you need through a day’s activities.

The challenge?

Large, but how large? What about all the weight it has to carry? And what about balancing minimal aesthetics & ergonomic design? All these questions & even more needed to be answered by us during the design & production of EvaTwo.

The challenge was accepted and finally successfully completed. And we had any reason to celebrate it!

What makes EvaTwo unique?

The reason EvaTwo is a unique tote bag is the way it combines minimal aesthetics & durability. The body of the bag is made of our version of E.V.A. material, which is lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable, non-toxic & vegan. The straps are nylon seatbelts, as we love to use unexpected materials in our designs. To become more specific with the measurements, EvaTwo has 45cm length, 30cm height, 12cm width and it weighs just 500g.

We mentioned the seatbelt straps, but there is more to that. One piece of a nylon seatbelt strap snaps on the body of the bag with snap buttons. The way the strap passes through the body, makes the strap hold all the weight you put on the bag, avoiding it from being held by the EVA material. At the same time, this feature makes the strap alterable, so you can easily change the strap on your own & create a different color combination each time. You can always find more straps on the “Accessories” section of our e-shop.

Update: A feature we added after your recommendations about our design, is an independent internal case. The case snaps on the bag so can choose either you’ll have it on the bag or not, depending on your needs. During your order, you will see the choice about the internal case. If you already are an EvaTwo owner and you are interested in the internal case, feel free to contact us!

How to hold?

EvaTwo is an ideal shoulder bag. The length of the strap is long enough to pass the bag through your shoulder with ease and at the same time hang the bag on your arm if you need to have access to its content. Your mood, your EvaTwo!

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