This time we wanted colors, and we added them! After all this time of winter, pandemia, lockdown and so many feelings, we can’t wait for healthy, sunny and colorful moments!

The challenge?

How to add a rainbow’s colors in one small handbag or wallet. And then it hit us, what if we could play with colorful buttons? We chose them from a large color palette, we made the order and we couldn’t wait to play with them. When they finally came we knew what to do. We created our new colorful collections, Rainbow & ColorLovers!

So go ahead and meet our new EvaMini and EvaPocket Rainbow & ColorLovers, and EvaFuda ColorLovers!

What makes Rainbow & ColorLovers collections unique?

But of course, their colors! Rainbow collection combines all the rainbow colors in one design, while ColorLovers collection refers to the perfect match between EVA and button colors. A single hue of EVA comes together with one hue of our branded buttons, creating unique combinations!

Where to find them?

First of all, online on our e-shop! Explore all the possible choices and combinations & find your perfect match! If you are an experience type of shopper, you may contact us for an appointment on our workspace at Kallithea (Athens), or find a collaborating store at the store locator. As many of them will open to welcome the summer season, we are here to provide them with some of our colors!

Explore our Rainbow & ColorLovers collection here!



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