Since the very beginning of Lommer back in 2015, we wanted to do things differently. We produce everything by hand and according to each unique order, we follow the slow fashion movement and we want to grow in a steady and sustainable way. All along this journey, we also dedicated a long time to find a material that would fit our philosophy, and we did. EVA is a recyclable material with all the features we’d like to work with since it’s being produced with our own requirements.


Furthermore, we soon came along to the Flakes edition, where parts of other materials are being reused. Now it’s time to introduce to you our latest recycled material, Mosaic. What’s new about it, is that it’s the first certified material with the highest reuse of recycled E.V.A. ever made. This certification from Bureau Veritas proves that the production process to make this EVA material uses recycled components greater than 60%.

What do we end up with?

An off-white hue of EVA, milled with thin grains of recycled parts. A step forward, while maintaining all the features that you already love in our EVA material. Mosaic is already available on many of our designs and we welcome you to explore them all and discover the one you’ll love the most!

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