Along with spring flourishes our creativity. That’s when we call it a new year & a new season for Lommer. And 2019’s new season came with more colors and an entirely new 3D texture in our palette! Say “yellow” to our new soft yellow hue, the vibrant purple & of course an all-time classic black choice. All these colors were available only in the 3D collection of our E.V.A. material.

The 3D feeling

After years of working with the E.V.A. material & finding the perfect smooth feeling for our designs, we decided to make a bold move and try the 3D texture experience. You know how much we love taking our materials to a new level. Our first striking embossed texture is created with a special treatment with heat during its production. Bold feeling, for a bold version of our minimal designs.

Color combinations to a new level

Actually, we are not talking only about new color combinations. In designs with alterable lids, like the EvaClutch, the EvaClutch Small & the EvaClutch OnChain, the new 3D textures created a whole new world to explore. You could easily play with colors and with textures on our e-shop & create your favorite combination. Or, if you already were a Lommer owner, you could easily choose your new part & easily adjust it to your style.

Stay tuned for more bold new things!



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