Lommer Design Editorial Photoshoot with the EvaOne Bag

As designers, we are (and we will always be) choosing our own, unique way, of doing things. We design & produce bags with the prospect of product design more than fashion design. That separates us from how many others work in the industry of bags. And that’s why we will never forget one of the first official photoshoots of our bags that introduced us to the whole world.

At that time of 2015, when Lommer became a company, we were a part of the Romantso world, the only creative hub in Greece. Being in a hub with other creatives around us, created the perfect environment for us to grow faster, with the help of the Romantso’s community. There we found Adeola, aka @distinguisheddiva, a young & stylish African girl with amazing legs, which became an inspiration for us. She accepted our proposal to be the model of our main editorial photoshoot and the results were amazing too! We loved the contrast we created through these pictures. A contrast that became reality by the experienced photographer, Theo Pantazis.

Do you love the outcome as much as we did?




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