We Love Materials, we meet requirements

We started back in February 2014, as a team of product designers, with the vision of creating a fresh brand, through which we would design, produce and place unique items in the marketplace.
Up until April 2015, we worked on giving our brand an identity, setting its goals, finding what kind of products could stand in the global market, researching new materials and new production methods. All of these factors led to Lommer. The name came from the acronym of the phrase (we) Love Materials (and we) Meet Requirements, which is what motivates our designs.
Why Lommer

Exploring everyday products in a new way

What makes Lommer’s products unique, are the unexpected materials we use (these include EVA foam, seat belts, lifting straps, yachting ropes etc.), and the ability we give our customers to play and experiment with them.
At Lommer we believe there is always a different way to approach everyday things, whether it be from the absolute smallest to the absolute biggest. We believe that when we start with simple questions such as, why is this a certain way and what can we do to make it better, we immediately embark on a journey where we start seeing the world differently and exploring things around us in a unique way.

Constantly challenging ourselves to become better

A'design Award
In April 2016 we won our first design award, which was a Silver A' Design Award for (Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category) for our tote bag, EvaTwo. A' Design Award and Competition aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best designs, design concepts and design oriented products worldwide in all creative disciplines and industries. It is considered one of the most testimonial design competitions worldwide.
Hellenic Initiative - Venture Garden's Award
During the period of 2015-2016 we participated in the Venture Garden's program, which is a comprehensive educational and training process for entrepreneurs that want to develop their skills, gain access to a continuously growing entrepreneurial network and receive hands-on training. It is the result of ALBA Graduate Business School and The American College of Greece in Athens with the support of The Hellenic Initiative. Through this program, we were able to stand out and win a cash prize, which was given to us to promote our work in international events.
Vodafone CU Re-Start Up
This is a contest held in Greece for young people with creative-oriented activities and ideas. Our work was recognized in 2013 and as the winners of this competition, we had the opportunity to work on our brand in the incubation unit of Bios Romantso. We were able to accommodate our professional activities there for 8 months and got great exposure of our work in the media. After these 8 months of hospitality ended, we remained at Romantso's facilities for another 17 months.
Who are we

Meet Danai & Alkioni

The founders of Lommer are Danai Gavrili and Alkioni Matsourdeli, both Product designers, born and raised in Athens, Greece.
Danai, after her Bachelor in Product Design (Middlesex University's program in Akto College), received her Masters in Design from Domus Academy (Milan), where she had entered with a scholarship. When she returned to Greece, she worked as a freelance designer, focusing on furniture. It was around this time, when Danai and Alkioni met for the first time and collaborated on a three-month project for the Museum of Greek Gastronomy.
Alkioni Matsourdeli also studied Product Design at Akto College (Middlesex University's program) and Interior design at the Technical School of Athens. During her studies, she worked as the assistant of Yianni Bavarezo's interior designer. After finishing her studies, she worked as a freelance designer for a year and then co-founded the Museum of Greek Gastronomy and worked with the rest of the team for approximately 2 years.
Danai and Alkioni’s great ‘chemistry’ in working together and their common passion for design led them to create Lommer.


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