Every bag that belongs to EvaFamily can easily be cleaned with a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent do not hesitate to use soap and water.

We advise you to avoid the laundry machine. Our beloved materials are durable but also delicate. If it is absolutely necessary, put your bag into a protective mesh bag and choose a program of 30 °C, with no (or low) spinning.

EvaClutch OnChain Small Washable Material Lommer Design

Moreover, our bags are good heat conductors, which means that the iron would hurt them. So would the radiator, so please be careful of the places where you store your bag.

E.V.A. is a foam material with pores and embossed lines, which may be noticeable on the product.

It’s in its nature.

Therefore every imperfection is to be considered a product feature and must not be considered a defect or cause of complaint.

If there is anything else you would like to ask on how you should take care of your Lommer product, do not hesitate to contact us at hello@lommer.gr or call us at +30 210 9512852.



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