Inspired by nature

You may know “Salvia” as a color, or as its natural form, the plant species. While we were seeing salvia plants growing at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, we got inspired by their subtle hue. At the same walk, we noticed the backside of the olive leaves. There it was, almost the same hue again. We couldn’t ignore the signs anymore. That’s how our idea for this year’s new color came to us! Please welcome our new Salvia 3D!


Why 3D? Because you know how much we enjoy playing with hues, materials, and textures! And this texture, in particular, is your favorite since the beginning, back in 2019 when we introduced the first color hues of black, purple, and yellow!

Made for your style

Salvia 3D is available online on EvaPack & EvaOri Large. Just like on the plant, where the flower color of the species ranges from white to red to purple, Salvia 3D offers you its subtle canvas and it’s up to you to add more color! So, if your style is minimal, keep it that way with ropes or straps that won’t stand out. But if you like your summer to be colorful, make it interesting with colors that pop out, like red, blue, or light green, depending on the design you’re looking at.


Do you wish for Small Goods product in Salvia color? We got you covered! Check out the new EvaMini ColorLovers in Salvia 3D! What makes it more special? Its orange buttons! This year we added colors to our buttons and we created two more collections at our Small Goods section: ColorLovers & Rainbow! Applying to EvaMini, EvaPocket, and EvaFuda, feel free to explore all of our choices!


Last, but not least, you will meet our Salvia hue on EvaSeed. Our basics palette got richer with salvia and now you may have your favorite flower pot in Salvia too. If you wouldn’t like to choose between them, enjoy a triplet with a matching color combination. One of our favorites is the Yellow-Grey-Salvia one. Explore all of them, here!

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