Make this year’s gifts special with Lommer! Everyone wants to live a bit of Christmas magic as soon as possible, and so do we! From now on, your Lommer gifts will never be the same! We introduce a new paper wrapper, a handwritten wish card, and the easiest way to share your ❤ with a Lommer e-gift card! Explore them all below & choose what suits you & your loved ones best!

Meet the Lommer e-Gift Card!

We understand that with so many designs & countless available color combinations, it’s not so easy to find the one product that would become the perfect gift. That’s why we introduce our brand new Lommer e-Gift Card! An online gift card that you can send to your loved ones & they could then explore our collection & choose their favorite gift! The most modern way to share your love.

What you can do with a Lommer e-Gift Card:
• Select a fixed amount or name the exact amount you wish to add to your gift card.
• You may choose the gift card’s design & select the reason that suits best to the case.
• You can easily fill in the Name & the e-mail of the receiver when purchasing the e-Gift Card.
Note: Please double & triple check the email address to be the correct one!
• You may finally fill in your Name & write a special note to accompany your gift!

Find your e-Gift Card here and more information about it here!

The “Make it a Gift” choice!

If you are an experienced Lommer lover, you already know that you can purchase a bag with your billing address, and by using a different shipping address, the recipient will only get the package. That was it, until now! We added some new features to this procedure to make your gift even more special!

For all of you that would like to make a statement & select a specific gift to send to your loved ones, we honor your courage & we complete your Lommer experience!
• We added the “Make it a Gift” checkbox at the checkout of your order. That means that your gift will have some more features.
• By selecting the box mentioned above, we are going to treat your gift even more. A special paper wrapper or a gift accessory will accompany your gift.
• You may write your wish at the “Notes” section of your order & we will include a handwritten wish card to your gift.
• Your gift will be sent with a return card valid for 30 days after the shipment, in case that the recipient would like to make a change to the gift.
• Please note that the service is not available for “Cash on delivery” payments.

Explore our collection here and find the ideal product for which you would click the “Make it a Gift” box!

Do you wish for a more meaningful gift this year? Explore our designs for “Alma Zois”

This year we designed two products to support the important work of the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”.

EvaBracelet for “Alma Zois” & EvaMini for “Alma Zois” are dedicated to a common vision, a world without breast cancer.

A soft pink hue & their colorful buttons make them unique. Every time you choose one of them for you or as a gift, we offer the profit to “Alma Zois”, to support their important work.

Every “Alma Zois” gift will be specially packaged with a Lommer wrapping paper. Let’s spread awareness & empower those women, together. Find out more about what the non-profit organization stands for, HERE.

Important notice: The “Alma Zois” products do not belong to our “Return” policy. Due to the cause, they are made to support, they cannot be exchanged with other Lommer products.

Explore them both here, and select the one that you would like to make a gift while supporting an important cause at the same time.



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