EvaClutch Small Square

EvaClutch Small is a minimal clutch bag, designed to stand out. It is consisted of two parts, the case and the lid, which snaps on the case with buttons. You can easily choose your favorite color and design of the lid and change it on your own. The bag is made of EVA material which is lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable, non-toxic & vegan. A simple and “square” way to an eye-catching style.

SalmonSalmonBlackBlackBlueBlueCamelCamelColor FlakesColor FlakesCork FlakesCork FlakesGreyGreyMili FlakesMili FlakesPurplePurpleYellowYellow
SalmonSalmonBlueBlueCamelCamelColor FlakesColor FlakesCork FlakesCork FlakesMili FlakesMili FlakesOff BlackOff Black
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BODY MATERIAL                                       E.V.A. FOAM ( learn more HERE )

BUTTONS                                                       BRASS METALLIC  

DIMENSIONS                                               30.5CM (L) X 12CM (H) X 5CM (W)

WEIGHT                                                           100g

CLEANING INFORMATION              CAN BE EASILY HANDWASHED WITH A WET MICROFIBER CLOTH. IF THE STAIN IS                                                                                              PERSISTENT DO NOT HESITATE TO USE SOAP WITH WATER.

PACKAGING                                       SPECIAL DESIGNED PAPER PACKAGING