SitaTote is a shoulder bag designed for the summer. The bag is made of a coated PVC mesh material that is used in the shipping industry and it has resistance to outdoors applications (UV, humidity, temperatures, mold). The strap used is nylon seatbelt. Οn the upper part of the bag, there is a detail, made of EVA, where you may hook smaller items. A lightweight bag, that thanks to the mesh material, lets the beach towel dry.

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BODY MATERIAL                                        COATED PVC MESH

BUTTONS                                                        BRASS METALLIC  

STRAP                                                               ONE PIECE OF NYLON SEATBELT                  

DIMENSIONS                                                35CM (L) X 38CM (H) X 20CM (W)

WEIGHT                                                           400g

CLEANING INFORMATION              CAN BE EASILY HANDWASHED WITH A WET MICROFIBER CLOTH. IF THE STAIN IS                                                                                              PERSISTENT DO NOT HESITATE TO USE SOAP WITH WATER.

PACKAGING                                       SPECIAL DESIGNED PAPER  WRAP