EvaPack 3d Textures

EvaPack is an ideal backpack for the city, combining harmoniously aesthetics & ergonomics. The design is awarded with the International Design Award (IDA). The bag is made of EVA which is a lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable & vegan material. The rope used is nylon sailing rope and is able to pass through itself creating a handle, securing the content (Anti-theft) & keeping even the length of the shoulder straps without any extra component. A unisex choice with timeless design and a special touch of unique flakes to stand out.

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BODY MATERIAL                                        E.V.A. FOAM ( learn more HERE )


ROPE                                                                 ONE PIECE OF SOFT NYLON SAILING ROPE                  

DIMENSIONS                                              20CM (L) X 24CM (H) X 9CM (W)      SMALL

                                                               25CM (L) X 31CM (H) X 12CM (W)      REGULAR

WEIGHT                                                          300 – 700g

CLEANING INFORMATION              CAN BE EASILY HANDWASHED WITH A WET MICROFIBER CLOTH. IF THE STAIN IS                                                                                             PERSISTENT DO NOT HESITATE TO USE SOAP WITH WATER.

PACKAGING                                      SPECIAL DESIGNED COTTON BAG