EvaPocket Crossbody Basic Colors

EvaPocket Crossbody is a small cross-body bag for your everyday essentials. The bag consists of three parts. The case & the lid are made of EVA material, which is lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable, non-toxic & vegan. The lid is alterable, so you can create your own combinations according to your style. The handle is made of PVC material. The right bag for a carefree day.

Aqua GreenAqua GreenSalmonSalmonOff BlackOff BlackStoneStone
Aqua Green 3DAqua Green 3DSalmonSalmonStoneStoneBlack 3dBlack 3dColor FlakesColor FlakesCork FlakesCork FlakesMili FlakesMili FlakesOff BlackOff BlackPurple 3dPurple 3dYellow 3dYellow 3d
BlackBlackOrangeOrangePetrol BluePetrol Blue
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BODY MATERIAL                                        E.V.A. FOAM ( learn more HERE )

HANDLE MATERIAL                               PVC

BUTTONS                                                        BRASS METALLIC  

DIMENSIONS                                                14CM (L) X 20CM (H) X 4CM (W)

WEIGHT                                                           120g

CLEANING INFORMATION                 CAN BE EASILY HANDWASHED WITH A WET MICROFIBER CLOTH. IF THE STAIN IS                                                                                              PERSISTENT DO NOT HESITATE TO USE SOAP WITH WATER.

PACKAGING                                          SPECIAL DESIGNED PAPER PACKAGING

EXTRA LIDS                                             CLICK HERE