Gift Card


If you would like your loved ones to explore our world & select the gift that they would love the most, Lommer e-Gift Card is the best choice for you!

An online gift card is always a nice choice & a beautiful surprise for the card’s recipient. Maybe one of the best emails someone would love to receive! That’s why we created our Lommer e-Gift Card. A way to share your love & let your loved ones free to explore every Lommer design available!


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Set an amount

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• Select an amount or fill in the amount you would like to offer as a gift. The receiver will get an e-gift card with the amount & will be able to find the explore our collection before choosing!

• Fill in the recipient’s name & email (Please be careful to enter the right email address).

• Fill in your name & the message you would like to send along with the e-gift card.

• Add the e-gift card to your cart & proceed to the checkout to complete your order.


You can find more information & the Terms of Use about the Lommer e-Gift Card here.