EvaPocket CrossBody Colorlovers

Crossbody Small Bag
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EvaPocket CrossBody Colorlovers

Why you’ll love it

Fan of colors? We’ve got you covered with our colorful buttons’ series “Colorlovers”!


EvaPocket Crossbody, is the ultimate companion for style and convenience. This small crossbody bag is made from durable EVA material, with a PVC handle, and designed to keep your essentials such as your phone, keys, and more, close to you while leaving your hands free!


But that’s not all – EvaPocket Crossbody allows you to unleash your creativity with its alterable lid. Create your own unique combinations and express your personal style by switching out the lid to match your outfit or mood.


Additional Info


 E.V.A. ( learn more HERE )









14CM (L) X 20CM (H) X 4CM (W) |  120g




EvaPocket CrossBody access

Access & Space Details

A crossbody bag with a snap button to easily open & close. Keep your hands totally free & fit in your phone, AirPods, keys, cards & passport! 

EvaPocket CrossBody extra

Alterable parts

Want to adjust your EvaPocket CrossBody to your day-to-day style and your mood?


Just with two buttons you can change its lid and create a new color combination on your own!


Find extra lids HERE

Evapocket packaging

Packaging information

Our smaller products are wrapped into special designed packaging made of 100% recycled paper.​


Inside the paper package there are detailed instructions & extra information about each product’s feature & product’s care.

After the delivery of the product the paper packaging can also be used for safer storage purposes. 


Cleaning information

If your EvaPocket CrossBody gets dirty, there is nothing to worry about.


Thanks to its waterproof material it can easily be 

hand-washed with a wet microfiber cloth and soap!

EvaPocket CrossBody 2

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