Our love for experimentation with materials led us to the EVA foam you already know through our collection, which is now produced under our specific requirements. But, this kind of love is restless and we couldn’t resist exploring another interesting material, called “Sita” in Greek. This exploration inspired us to design & produce a backpack and a tote bag which is perfect for the summer. Meet SitaPack & SitaTote!

The challenge?

Sita is a coated PVC mesh material that is used in the shipping industry and it has resistance to outdoor applications (UV, humidity, temperatures, mold). So the main challenge was to highlight all the advantages of the material & stay loyal to our timeless and minimal design.

This time we had a different material on our hands. In contrast to the EVA material that cannot be sewed, this material offered us that option. With that in mind, we designed & produced SitaPack & SitaTote, two different kind of bags for you to choose what suits you best.

What makes SitaPack & SitaTote unique?

The characteristic that makes these two new designs unique is the mesh material. Thanks to that, the air passes through it & lets your beach towel dry even when you have it in the bag. We wanted them to be your perfect partner every summer.

An added value we always search on our materials, is that the lightweight feature. We want you to feel as much carefree as possible.

The dimensions of SitaTote are: 35cm length, 38cm height, 20cm width, and the bag alone weighs just 400g. The straps used on the tote bag are nylon seatbelts, with 5cm width to reduce the pressure the bag puts on your shoulder.

The dimensions of SitaPack are: 33CM (L) X 43CM (H) X 19CM (W) 33cm length, 43cm height, 19cm width, and the bag weighs 500g. The handles are made of sailing rope, which is very durable.

Another unique feature we added to these designs, is a detail, made of EVA, where you can hook smaller items you need to find easily. Your keys, for example.

How to hold?

Two different bags for the summer, three ways of holding them. SitaTote is a shoulder bag with colorful straps for you to choose your favorite. SitaPack is basically a backpack, that can also be held as a shoulder bag since the two ropes are close to each other. Choose the color you want your summer to have!

A small tip from us: If you like exploring secret beaches that need you to walk or climb to find them, SitaPack is the right choice for you. If you are looking for an elegant & stylish choice to accompany your summer style, check Sita Tote.

Find them online and get ready for your summer!



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