How pink are your everyday moments? We always need to add some color to our style & our moments. And you know how much we love the color on our bags. In fact, we get excited every time we find a color hue that adds something new to our timeless designs. It’s time for you to meet our new Salmon Pink color!

Salmon pink is that soft hue on the palette of pink that is sweet and dreamy. If you love pink as much as we do, then you have to check out how this hue looks on our designs like EvaMini, EvaPocket, EvaOri, EvaBucket, EvaOri Large & EvaPack. In these designs, the Salmon Pink goes all the way through the bag, considering that the way we design them is that one piece of our material gets together to form the total. After that, you only have to choose the color of the straps or ropes that fits perfectly with your style and mood. Remember that in EvaPocket, EvaOri & EvaBucket the straps are alterable and you can easily change them on your own, creating different color combinations every time.

And now we mentioned color combinations, what about exploring how much Salmon Pink matches with other colors of our material? All our clutches are consisted of two parts, the case & the lid, giving you the freedom to play even more. Feel free to explore every different available combination & find the one for you. All our clutches come with alterable lids, so you can choose even more than one. We loved the black-pink combination instantly and we can’t deny it.

Do you want more choices? Then you should specifically check EvaClutch & EvaClutch Small. In addition to color combinations, we offer different lid designs too. More choices for you!

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