Lommer Packaging

The Lommer experience is always on our minds when we design a new bag or accessory. We want you to enjoy every part of the process, from the shopping experience in our e-shop to every moment you’ll enjoy with your Lommer bag.

The packaging plays an important role in the unboxing experience of your order, it’s the first impression. And we have designed our packagings in a way that they complete the Lommer experience in the best way. Welcome to Lommer!

Specially designed paper packaging

Our packagings are separated into two categories. Some of our designs have a paper packaging, while others a fabric packaging. Each kind meets different requirements. The designs that you will find with paper packaging are EvaFuda, EvaBracelet, EvaMini, EvaPocket, EvaClutch, EvaClutch Small & EvaClutch OnChain. Basically, every product that belongs to the Accessories, Wallets & Clutches categories.

Most of the Lommer bags mentioned above have alterable parts for you to change on your own, according to your style & mood. Having paper packaging for them, allows us to present our products in a beautiful way and stay practical at the same time. Printed on the internal side of these packagings you will find all the instructions you’ll need to change the alterable part. In addition to that, there you will find how to preserve the beauty of each product with the right way to clean it & you’ll explore all the unique characteristics that your new product inherits from our EVA material.

Specially designed fabric packaging

Our tote bags & our backpacks share a different kind of packaging, a fabric one. The fabric is cotton and we combine that with a handle made of pvc material, forming the perfect packaging bag for each of our designs. These bags can be used every time you want to transfer your bag with safety through your travels. As we have a sustainable way of designing, you may of course find many other cases when you could use these cotton bags in your everyday life. They are spacious, lightweight & very easy to use.

If you are wondering about any instructions that you may need for the designs with fabric packaging, you will find them hanging from the straps or the ropes of your bag. Remember that EvaOri, EvaBucket & EvaTwo have alterable straps for you to change on your own & EvaPack has a unique way it secures your content!

Either way, all we wish for is for you to enjoy every single moment of your Lommer experience. And if you feel like sharing them with us don’t forget to tag @lommer.design or use the hashtag #myLommer.

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