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We know black is always a classic, but we do not settle with that. For our Basic color palette we are always in search of something more than black, that could also be a classic. That’s why along with our black choice, we also had the grey, the blue & the camel one too. It was about time we added a new hue to our basic palette, the stone one!

Stone color, is basically a beige hue that also claims to be a classic. This particular hue reminded us of an earthy & calm color, that’s why we name it “Stone”.

Where can you find Stone color?

Stone became instantly a part of our Basic colors on all of our tote bags, & our backpacks. So you can explore the way it matches our designs of EvaTwo, EvaOri, EvaOri Large, EvaBucket, and of course EvaPack. And if you wish for a smaller choice, please check the stone color on our wallet-size wristlet bag, EvaPocket or our clutch bag, EvaClutch.

Would you choose again a classic black or would you go for the new Stone choice?



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