EvaPack Editorial Lommer

There is the right time for everything! We always wanted to design a unique urban backpack that would fit every day’s style and finally, we managed to design & produce it. One piece of our material comes together with snap buttons & grommets, meets the durability & the elegance of the sailing rope & all of them together they create EvaPack. A design that soon got awarded with the International Design Award (IDA17). And we couldn’t be more proud of it!

The design explained.

EvaPack is a unique urban backpack, combining harmoniously aesthetics & ergonomics by using the properties of two materials, EVA & sailing rope. EVA a lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable & vegan material & these characteristics are inherited also to the bag. The main body of the bag consists of one piece of EVA that folds & assembles by snap buttons & grommets (seamless). The rope we use is able to pass through itself creating a handle, securing the content & keeping even the length of the shoulder straps without any extra component. Unexpected materials, handmade quality, urban requirements fulfillment, timeless design.

The International Design Award

The International Design Awards (IDA) exists to recognize, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries and to uncover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design. It was our second design award & it came as a second verification that our designs are distinctive globally & are worthy of awards. It was a very important moment for us to continue exploring our limits in the design & production process. And so we did!

The editorial photoshoot around EvaPack

As explained to one of our earlier posts, we always feel the need for supporting our new designs & ideas with extraordinary & unique editorial photoshoots. Collaborating once again with Theo Pantazis, & a ballet dancer, Dimitra Zachopoulou, we were able to have a very intriguing outcome full of contrast & finesse at the same time. The inspiration about this particular photoshoot came at the moment we had our Mili Flakes material delivered. The strictness of the military color combination and the elegance of our ballet dancer created one of the most interesting sets of pictures we had until then.

All the EvaPack combinations are available here.




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