November 2018 and it was time to go big. Big as we say EvaOri Large and also big on our editorial photoshoot with Theo Pantazis. For the first time, we decided to find a model and create a whole concept around our brand and our new designs. While brainstorming on that, a question poped-out. What would the model wear in this photoshoot? The answer we gave to that question, determined the whole concept. In this photoshoot, everything would be Lommer!

How we did it?

How did we manage to find a way to make everything be Lommer? Once more we focused on the different materials we love so much. We had our E.V.A. material, seatbelts, sailing rope… we actually had all we needed. By combining all these material with our passion for design & our creative minds, we came up with many different outfits, all made up by Lommer.

Meeting Hanna

We did an audition to check female models and find the one that could represent our brand & our vision in the perfect way. And there she was. Her name is Hanna, and we knew we would pick her because from the first moment she held our bags for the trial & started making poses simulating the actual photoshoot, we had no doubt that she would be perfect. She had the flow & the elegance we were looking for while focusing on the product at the same time.

The actual photoshoot challenge

The outfits we have made were impressive but were not easy to wear or to work with. That made Hanna’s job more difficult, but she was able to handle it. The makeup artist, Kristel Toma, kept the makeup perfect without being too much. Exactly as we wanted it to be. The final touch, except for us two being the art directors & the stylists of the photoshoot, came from the experienced work of our photographer, Theo Pantazis. We eliminated the depth, we made the shadows stronger and we created powerful images.

Hope you’ll love them as much as we do!



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