EvaClutch OnChain Small Washable Material Lommer Design

As you may already know, we use a unique version of E.V.A. material, made under our specific requirements. This material gathers up all these features we wanted to add to our designs. It’s a lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable, vegan & non-toxic soft polymer. So we take advantage of each and every one of these characteristics every time we create a new Lommer bag or accessory.

While all the features are really important for our way of designing, there is one we enjoy the most, and that’s the “waterproof” one. The EVA material is said to be waterproof “by nature”. With a very low percentage of absorbance, it’s almost impossible to permanently damage it with any paint or liquid.

So, practically, a wateproof material means washable Lommer Designs! We frequently answer to the question how our designs may be cleaned. Every Lommer bag comes with instructions that mention the following: “To clean your bag use a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent you can also use soap with water”.

The sentence above is pretty much it. Don’t be afraid to clean your Lommer bag. The stains will go away and you won’t harm the color hue of the bag. In fact, you may even put your bag to the laundry if it got dirt all over, in low temperature (30 °C) and no or low stacking. Use a thin protective cloth, to mostly protect the buttons & the grommets.

It’s really nice to be free to enjoy every moment with your Lommer bag, isn’t it? That’s the way we design them, and that’s also the way we love to see you living with them. To share these moments you can use the hashtags #myLommer, #lommer, #lommerdesign, or simply tag us @lommer.design.

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