A fashion event with 13 young & Greek designers took place at the beautiful Life Gallery Hotel. We were one of the brands that were chosen by the special committee, which was formed only for this unique event.

This event was organized by LoveGreece.com, an initiative by G&A Mamidakis Foundation, and Ozon Magazine. The organizers are known for supporting Greek designers & their work since their very first steps and for that reason they created an event for media & influencers who had the chance to learn more about each brand’s philosophy, enjoy a fashion walk by the hotel’s pool & visit a very interesting path of Fashion Stops with models & installations, edited by the designers of the evening.

After a short introduction to the event & the designers’ presentations, everyone had a chance to follow the path & enjoy the evening’s happenings with a nice cocktail drink. Our spot was in the finish line of the path, right next to the pool. Right there, we had our own installation when wallets & clutches were floating in the pool, while larger bags were by the stairs which led to the water. We took advantage of the fact that our EVA material is lightweight & waterproof, so we were glad we had this spot for our installation.

Except for models holding our bags & our installation, we did have our own Fashion Stop at the hotel. A stop with our newest colors & designs. We were there to answer every question & meet people who were interested in what the greek designers have to offer. We also had the chance to have some very interesting conversations with members of the committee, who also gave us some advice about our future steps. The members of this special committee were: the fashion designer Ioanna Kourbela, the art director & founder of Athens Biennale & member of LoveGreece.com, Poka-Yio, the fashion designer Stelios Koudounaris, the journalist Maria Pampoukidi, Kyriaki Kostolidou from LoveGreece.com, & the publisher Giorgos Kelefis, representing Ozon Magazine & Fashion Room Service event series.

We really enjoyed this event & we now share some moments with you!

If you like what you see, explore our designs online!

Photos by: Panoulis Photography

Lommer loves fashion, water & summerish moments!

Moments from our participation in the #LoveGreekFashion event!Enjoy them #lommerlovers!#lommer #lommerdesign #greekdesigners #awardwinningdesign #LoveGreece

Posted by Lommer on Monday, July 1, 2019



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