On World Environment Day this year, we took some time to think. To think about what we do to show the environment some respect and what our suppliers and key partners have to say about that. Respecting the place that we live, breath & do what we love, is a top priority to us, and we choose partners who think the same way.

We commit, we care.

Right from the start, when we started looking for interesting materials, we had in mind that we wanted them to be recyclable, even recycled, and eco-friendly. As we have explained in a blog post from back then, our EVA material has many eco-friendly characteristics. It’s a recyclable material, it consumes really low energy to be produced, some of our patterns come from recycled parts of the material and it’s also durable. Durability means that you won’t need to recycle it soon. This feature along with our minimal aesthetics gives us the opportunity to offer our timeless designs to you!

Our way of eco-thinking doesn’t end there. To reduce the material we throw away, we added our “Small Goods” category of products. Smaller designs come out of other parts of EVA, meeting your everyday requirements. EvaMini, EvaPocket, EvaFuda, EvaBracelet, EvaSeed, and EvaPocket Crossbody are the outcome of this philosophy.

Re-use, re-spect.

One of the best ways to long-term environmental commitment is the reuse and repurpose of everything around us. Our paper packaging works as an instruction sheet and a safe place where you can store your Lommer bag. Even more, it comes out of recycled paper. Our fabric packaging, of our bigger designs, is also an independent bag that you can use elsewhere in your everyday life. And if you need to re-fresh your Lommer bag, many of our designs offer alterable parts. Change one part, and let your Lommer bag adjust to your style.

Our partners think likewise.

Our EVA supplier believes in long-lasting relationships. “The longer we spend together, the greener we’ll be”. And by that, they mean that quality products last longer so they are not thrown away too soon. To reduce its environmental impact, the company participates in European projects such as GREENZO. The project seeks to create a pilot plant to transform industrial waste into materials that can be used in other products.

Along comes our buttons’ supplier, YKK company. YKK has already announced the “YKK Group Environmental Vision 2050”. Starting from 2021, the company aims to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, have a sustainable use of water, utilize better their resources, and move towards a better symbiosis with nature. As they say, they move “towards a brighter future for nature & humanity.

We made a good start. Stay tuned to see what’s next!



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